Top 3 Ways To Market Your Listings On Social Media

Thanks to modern technologies, real estate advertising no longer relies solely on print advertisements. Through the internet, agents can connect directly to potential buyers and sellers. Realtors who ignore social media are missing out on a valuable way of marketing themselves. Next to Google social media is the second most common way that people reach real estate websites, so it can be just as important as boosting your SEO ratings.

Once you have created some attractive listings filled with detailed information and appealing photos, it will be time to use social media to draw attention to these lists. There are plenty of great ways to use social media as a method for marketing listings, but a few key methods definitely stand out. If you want to increase interest in your listings, try our top three ways of marketing through social media.

1. Create Social Media Ads

When we’re talking about ads, we mean actual advertisements instead of simply social media posts. Most social media sites will let you create a realtor marketing ad that looks similar to a post and pops up in other people’s news feeds, yet it has special benefits. The cost of an ad on social media can vary depending on where you are and how extensive you want your ad to be. On average, they remain under $30 or so, making them quite affordable.

Facebook is one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies because they provide so much helpful information to business accounts. You can choose to only show the ads to people in certain geographic areas, and Facebook also allows you to target advertisements to people who are interested in moving or fall into certain educational and workplace categories. You can even choose to send the ad to people who are friends of other clients, so you can make sure your advertisement reaches people likely to have a positive impression about you.

To actually get people interested in your listings with ads, you need to craft an advertisement that appeals to customers. Start by including a photo that highlights the key feature of the listing. Many people prefer real estate ads that contain a clear, well lit photo of the exterior of the house, but a particularly impressive kitchen or pool area may also work well. Include a title that mentions the item is for sale along with its general location, and conclude with a link inviting people to learn more, schedule a showing, or check out the full listing.

2. Talk to Clients About Listings

Real estate marketing strategies that involve social media tend to work well because they create a personal connection between you and clients. Try to encourage people looking for homes to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course you can indirectly market to any followers by posting videos and pictures of listings, but every now and then, you might find it best to take a more direct approach.

When you post a photo or video, you have the option of tagging a friend in the posting. Use this to say things like “This house has a half bath off the pool just like @JaneDoe has been looking for!” The person tagged in the posting can then get a notification saying you have mentioned them, and they are likely to check out the listing. Though this realtor marketing tip is only useful when you know what specific clients desire, it can be very helpful. In addition to getting one person interested in the listing, it also makes other people feel like the property is desirable. When your other clients think that a listing is a hot property with a lot of interest, they will be more motivated to check it out.

Another way to directly market a listing to a client is through the comments on social media. Try to take the time to check out your clients’ posts every now and then. For example, if you notice a person in the market for a house posting that they love a certain restaurant, you can link a listing you have that is near the restaurant. Always maintain a friendly, casual tone that expresses you are interested in clients and just want to help them find a home they will love.

This technique should be used very sparingly, but it can be effective when done right. Avoid tagging more than one or two clients in a post, and only use social media to point out listings to a client a few times per client. Realtor marketing through social media should avoid seeming like you are pestering or spamming people. When done occasionally, it will make a client feel like you are remembering their needs and focusing on finding a good listing for them.

3. Share Video Tours

Videos are proven to be one of the most effective ways of engaging with people, so we definitely recommend it for realtor marketing. 50 percent of all web traffic comes from phones, and over half of all that mobile traffic is used to view video content. People are more likely to view something in video form because it combines movement, sight, and sound to draw in a customer.

There are two different ways to go about creating video tours for real estate marketing. You can try for a more casual video, which we will get further into in a moment, or you can try for a slicker and more professional video. Professional video tours tend to involve carefully setting up shots and then editing them together with an informative voice over or pleasant soundtrack. This style is ideal for both smaller homes and larger luxury properties. If the property has a beautiful surrounding, drone footage can provide soaring views of the area outside the house too.

This style of professional video tour is a great asset to any listing. Once you have the video all set, you can post it on your YouTube and embed the link in your Facebook, Twitter, blog, or other social media. Be sure to include an eye catching description that encourages people to go to the listing for more details on the property. Keep in mind that YouTube itself is a useful form of social media, so you can chat with interested customers through the comment sections in the video.

Another newer and surprisingly effective option for video tours is casual footage shot from your phone. A very simple way is through the Facebook Live app. This lets you stream anything you want from your phone. The “Live” aspect is very eye catching and encourages people to watch the video right now, and even after you finish, it stays uploaded on Facebook. You can also provide shorter tours through the Instagram video service or the Snapchat app. In these styles of real estate marketing videos, you can just casually walk through the house, pointing out features and giving people a sneak peek at the listing.

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